Monday, June 2, 2008


We had the privilege this week of having The Passion Tour come to Kampala. Their site is if you are not familiar with the event. What an incredible opportunity for Uganda to be able to host this team. They had 25,000 students register and participate in the 2 day event. I believe that the students of Makerere University will never be the same.A friend from Austin who now lives in Israel, who has been part of the Passion Team for 10 years came and we were able to spend some time with her. We had a wonderful visit with her although way too short. I know that she thinks that she came to be part of this event, but God had other plans for her as well.
Last Monday night I collapsed in our kitchen and started seizing. I was rushed to our local clinic where they did tests to see what had caused this to happen. The tests were inconclusive so I was sent home to rest. The next day I went back for more tests that all came back normal. So, the conclusion was that the seizure was brought on with a slightly elevated white blood count, dehydration, low blood sugar and stress. I continued to feel "funny" for the rest of the week, resting a lot. Fear tried to grip my heart as well as my families and we all had a hard time shaking it. On her way over from Israel, David had called her to tell her what had happened with me and she said that God told her two things to do and pray over me when she was here. 1. that my head and brain would be healed and restored to normal and 2. to bind fear and that it would be gone. I am happy to report that fear is gone and today is the 1st day that I have felt normal since the attack! God is good. It brings me to my knees in tears to think that God loves me so much that He would send someone all of the way from Israel to minister to me. Those of you who knew what was going on with my health and that have been praying for me, thank you!