Thursday, September 13, 2007

Rainy season

Well, They say that we are now starting the rainy season.... as far as I can see we have been in the rainy season since the last one! Today was the first time that we have been in Uganda where I was feeling chilly if you can believe that. We were all hunting our sweatshirts and long pants. We sat on the back porch and watched the rain and could actually see our breath.
Things are moving along with our paperwork. We should have everything completed by next week.
The power issues still plague us. We went and bought a 2 burner gas cooker so that we can eat when the power is out. The next thing we will get is an inverter for the house so we can get online and use the phone when the power is an issue as well as keeping all of our meat,milk, butter and cheese from rotting in the refrigerator.
Despite the challenges we all are very happy and are settling into the lifestyle here. We feel very blessed and at peace.

Saturday, September 8, 2007


Gloria, baby Sunday, Fiona, Patience and neighbor girl
Birds that frequent our yard

Moved in

We finally moved into our house and have pretty much gotten settled in, but have had some issues with power..... that is the reason for the long silence. We are trying to sort it out with the help of other ex-pats that have been here for years and know the ropes. The system is an inverter that uses batteries as the backup. It is like a large UPS system. We need about $4,500.00 to set it up. Our phone is now working when we have power, so if we don't answer please leave a voice message so that when we can access the phone line we can call you back. 1-512-795-4385
We have been so blessed with people here lending us a car as well as furniture and basic kitchen utensils until our container arrives. Our MOU with the Minister of Labor is finished so now we should be able to complete our work visas and renew our NGO. So things are moving along.
David and Jesse went to Nakasongola this week and visited a fish farm to see how they were doing it as we want to incorporate the fish farming into our project as well. They had a good trip and learned a lot.
Makinzi has volunteered to help with the music dept. at our church and has been doing some singing which she enjoys as well as volunteering at the babies home.
Kaci has volunteered to help with the youth at our church and they are currently meeting at our house on Friday nights as we have big open spaces since we have limited furniture. They had their first meeting this week and had a really good turn out.
The day that we left to move into this house the girls and I went to visit the family that I told told you previously about that only eats rice at Christmas. Anyway, we took them a bag of clothes, lentils, cookies, fresh avocados and rice. They were very happy for the things, but were so sad that we were moving so far away and they wouldn't be able to see us. The picture that is posted is of the girls. Patience is the smiley one and is 3. Gloria is the oldest, 10 and then Fiona 7, and baby Sunday 2 months. The other girl with no shirt is a neighbor. We will go and visit them this week to see how they are doing.
We are quickly becoming the Muzungu's (white people) who come into the village to play with the kids and buy Somosas. When the power is off ( which has been every day this week) we walk into the village and buy Somosas and fried Casava. They say we are very good customers!
Clear Channel Uganda which is a billboard company has graciously agreed to donate used billboard tarps to us. So, we are putting together a plan to use them to build temporary housing for the workers and visiting staff members on our property in Nakasongola. We will also use them to line our underground water cistern for a water supply at the project. This has been a huge blessing as we can start right away getting things in place. So, we will need to purchase rice bags, timber poles and papyrus and minor hardware. Each structure will be able to house 12 people and will cost a few hundred dollars each. Anyone who would like to help out with this please go to the website and donate through there.
Also we have had people ask about sending us care packages here and where to send it and what we need, so I will give you that info......
Orphan Children Fund P.O. Box 37828 Kampala, Uganda also include our phone number on the front 0774095969.
Chocolates of any kind, coffee, Rooibos Chai tea, Outback inverter (call us about that one) Neem Leaf capsules ( for malaria prevention) soft solar panels, heart worm, and flea preventative for dogs( (1) 70lb, (1) 6lb and (1) puppy 3 months old around 15 pounds, 1 A A rechargeable battery, AAA alkaline batteries, deflated basketballs and soccer balls, volley ball and badminton sets.