Thursday, September 13, 2007

Rainy season

Well, They say that we are now starting the rainy season.... as far as I can see we have been in the rainy season since the last one! Today was the first time that we have been in Uganda where I was feeling chilly if you can believe that. We were all hunting our sweatshirts and long pants. We sat on the back porch and watched the rain and could actually see our breath.
Things are moving along with our paperwork. We should have everything completed by next week.
The power issues still plague us. We went and bought a 2 burner gas cooker so that we can eat when the power is out. The next thing we will get is an inverter for the house so we can get online and use the phone when the power is an issue as well as keeping all of our meat,milk, butter and cheese from rotting in the refrigerator.
Despite the challenges we all are very happy and are settling into the lifestyle here. We feel very blessed and at peace.

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