Monday, November 26, 2007

Island Project

Here is the latest update on the Christmas Island Project.......

David had the Local Chairman and the local leader of the island take an official census of the people of Namalusu Island and gave us a list of every ones names, adults and children so we knew exactly how many people we were dealing with. They supplied us with a list and there are officially 86 adults and 56 children. A bit off from what they had originally told us.
They also wrote a letter telling us what the specific needs are. Clean water was on the top of the list as they are losing many people to dysentery, malaria and poor sanitary conditions. The island is rocky so they can't dig pit latrines deep enough to keep the human waste confined. Below is the list he gave us so you will know what these people are going through.

1. Clean water

2.Health Care
I mentioned before that they don't have any doctors or health care people on the island. No clinics and that means no medical care at all. ( not even basic first aid kits or supplies) They don't have any boats that have motors so when someone gets sick they have to row them to the mainland. Sometimes that isn't quick enough. If someone falls sick at night they have to wait it out till morning when they can see to row them in and sometimes they don't make it through the night.

3. Fishing nets
They have to piece together whatever they can find to fish with and they don't have proper nets. Standard fishing net costs $12.00, $18.00 and $30.00 each. This would be a temporary fix as the fish in Lake Victoria are being depleted. They will have to find a new source of income in the next few years. We have talked to them about putting together a pig cooperative to give them a different source of income.

You saw from my pictures that I posted that the roofs of their houses are made from trash that they have found and put on the top to keep the water out. The issue with that is when the storms come across the lake it blows the trash off and then they are exposed to the elements. They told us most of the children don't have blankets or anything to keep them off of the ground while they sleep. So, when it rains they are left to lay in the mud.

We have had people already donate to this project and have had someone who will graciously match funds up to $1500.00. Please when you donate on the website designate it for the "Christmas Island Project" and if you are sending checks please designate those as well. Again if you are sending checks address them to Orphan Children Fund 5753 Republic of Texas Austin, Texas 78735
We will do as much for these people as we have the funds come in. The first priority will be the water purification project and the gifts for the children and then we will tackle the rest of the issues as funds are donated.

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steffany said...

I am such a goal person, do you have a monetary goal that you need to reach to achieve what needs to be done?
I think you are doing wonderful work. I hope you are able to raise the support you need to make a lasting impact on the people.