Friday, December 28, 2007

Island Project Summary

Here is the list of things that we were able to accomplish on the Island with your help. Thank you to all of you whose donations made this project possible.

Bags of beans, salt, porsho and blankets were delivered. Soap and Moringa seed were also delivered.
The water purification system was built, delivered and installed with great success. 2 hours after installation they were drinking purified water.

A doctor came and saw all of the sick people that day. He administered first aid as well as administered drugs to those in need. We ran out of medicine so we will be going back next week to deliver more. We also put together a large first aid kit for the island to use in cases of basic first aid needs. The Dr. has agreed to come 1x a month to do a clinic for the people.

A man came and set up a movie for the people to see. It was the first movie any of them had ever seen. Afterwards he did an evangelistic message in which many people received Christ as savior. We have a local bible college that has agreed to send students out to the island once a week to teach and pray with the people.

We raised two pigs to take to the island to help start their pig project. We also took the seed for the people to be able to plant the feed for the pigs.

We will be continuing to help these people with their livestock program, bible studies, health clinics, human waste management and roofing. Enjoy the photos below! We hope you all had a very merry Christmas and pray for many blessings for you in the upcoming New Year.


steffany said...

Praise God!

Thank you for sharing these pictures.

By the Way- Did anyone take the Christmas challenge? I have a really cool idea to turn it into a fundraiser.

Brandi said...

I know that you probably can't check this due to fuel shortages, but know that there are many people praying for you guys right now.