Friday, July 4, 2008

Team from Canada here to distribute nets

The team from Canada came on Thursday to deliver and educate the students and their families how to use and care for the nets that they were donating. In all they brought 160 for our students, their family members and teachers. We had Jimmy (he works for us) and David (a volunteer from our church in the USA) go and hang nets in 4 homes. This next week David will be going to the students homes and showing them how to hang them and making sure they all get up. It will be a big job for him. We are thankful for his help to get this done. This should, if properly used, cut the rate of malaria down in the village significantly. Most months we have a minimum of 10% of our students out with malaria and most of the parents of the orphans that we have in our school have died from it.
A huge thank you to Wentz Medical Clinic, Dr. Martin, African Renewal Ministries and the Canadian team for helping to make this happen for our students and their families.


Crystal said...

Praying for you and thrilled to see all the mosquito nets : ) Blessings- Crystal

Trent said...

Am impressed with what all you're doing, and can't wait to come back. Would like to see a family photo of y'all. Tell everyone hi,and God bless you, Trent