Saturday, October 6, 2007

Ggaba Village

I've added some more pictures for you all to see and hopefully get a better understanding of what it is like here in Uganda. You can click on them to enlarge them for better viewing.
The pictures above on the left are of local children in our village going to fetch water. They carry their cans of all different sizes depending on how much they can carry. The cans are 1-4 liters each and depending on the size of the family and how much the children can carry determines how many trips they will have to take. I took this during the time of day that they would normally be in school, but these kids obviously don't attend school for lack of finances. School here is supposed to be free for primary aged children, but they have to provide their own pencils, paper, lunch and uniforms. It might as well cost these kids a million dollars, because they can't afford to buy all of those required things.
If you look at the picture above of the baby you will notice beads around his belly. This is because he has been to the witch doctor for something. The parents take their children to the witch doctors for healing, protection, blessings, etc... and they get beads of all different colors that are supposed to do whatever it is that the parent brought them to the doctor for. The people have a lot of superstitions in their culture that they truly believe and live their lives by.

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