Monday, January 28, 2008

6 Month Anniversary

We have officially been here now for 6 months!
My kids all think that the time has flown by. I think that it has as well although there were spots that seemed to drag on forever.
We are still waiting on our NGO renewal papers and our work visa's (both of which were supposed to be finished in August) TIA!
We are still waiting on the MP to go with us to our property in Nakasongola so that we can start planting and building there. Hopefully he will be able to before Feb., although with the Kenya crisis and the fuel being high, a lot of the government officials have not been back to work since the fuel allowance they get, doesn't cover fuel prices now, so they just stay home. Such a different mentality than we have in the US. We wouldn't think about not showing up for work for a month because it might cost us a few cents in fuel.
Things continue to be in an uproar in Kenya. Killings have continued as well as the destruction of houses, businesses and personal property. It has now spread to other areas that were in the past few weeks untouched. I see now that the some US newspapers and TV stations are now broadcasting what is going on. Keep that country in your prayers. Our friends that were there over Christmas that were able to get out by plane, still have their cars there. They have tried to get them, but the violence and road blocks have prevented it. Please keep them in your prayers as well that they will be able to retrieve their cars soon.
We have some very exciting things on the horizon with our project and will update you as soon as they are concrete....... on a lighter note,
I'll end with a story from a friend here whose work takes him to the Somalia quite often.

He was sent to the Somalia for a week for work. When they were packing up to come back to Uganda, the place where he was working sent him and his team back with bottled water. The two weeks that he was there he had been drinking this same bottled water.
He got back to the airport and pulled out a bottle to drink it and saw something floating in the bottle. He looked closer and it was a solid brown piece of something that resembled chocolate. He was suspicious and took the water in to get in analyzed. What they found as he had suspected was a "floater",23% fecal matter was in the bottle. When I asked him if he had beeen drinking the water all week, he said yes and that he had seen white stuff floating in some of the bottles as well. I think it was toilet paper!

I'll leave you with that picture and your thoughts.

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Miles Rwamiti said...

Wow, it seems like you guys are doing a great job. Have a happy New year and continue helping. God bless you.