Monday, January 28, 2008

Ugandan Entertainment

With CHOGM and the New Year came some new man made attractions here in Uganda. Below I have listed the new favorites (or not) and the Oldies... Enjoy!

1. New Bowling Alley. The old one had 3 lanes and looked more like an arcade game than an actual one, but the new one now has 6 lanes and is pretty good. Two thumbs up! The kids all really enjoy it.

2. Ice Skating Rink. I think someone saw the movie, "Cool Runnings" and thought, "Hey, if Jamaica can have a bob sled team than Uganda can have a hockey team." The only problem is that there isn't power to keep the ice cold, the rink is only 20x10, no skates and they don't have a Zamboni. Not to mention that if the temperature drops below 80 degrees most Ugandans are hunting a goose down ski jacket to put on because it is sooo cold. Other than that..... Great Idea:)

3. Drive in Movie Theater. This one is almost as stupid as the Ice Rink. They cantilevered
the screen over a main road on the top of a parking garage. This in itself has scared to death most everyone in Kampala that has either driven or walked underneath it as it looks as if it will fall at any moment. They made the screen to low to be able to see from where you are supposed to park and watch. Since it is on top of the parking garage, no power (do you see a pattern arising out of that one?) and let us not forget that 97% of the population don't have cars:)

4.Traffic lights. The motorists when they first put them in sat and watched for hours as the lights changed from green to yellow to red. This has now gotten old for most people and they now move as the lights change (not necessarily at the right intervals). Occasionally you get a "new comer" that still sits is awe and wonder. We give the lights two thumbs up.

5. Spur Restaurant. This is a fast food chain in South Africa with a Native American Indian Theme. They have A/C when the power is on, an indoor play area for kids with a jumping cage, movie room and computer games. They serve fairly good hamburgers, milkshakes and fries. This place is busy all of the time now and is a huge hit here. Well done! as the English would say or Good on you! as the Australians would say.

That is it for the new attractions. Now on to the oldie's not so sure if they are goodies.

1. Paint Ball. Haven't done this yet, but they say you have to wear full body gear and it gets very hot while playing. Can't rate it until we go.

2. DiDi's World. A RETIRED carnival from Italy. You wondered where all of the old carnival rides go when they retire them? UGANDA. DiDi's World has only had 2 deaths (that we have heard of) since they opened 5 years ago. The park includes the following rides:

3 Water Slides of which 2 work. The stairs to the tower where you then go down the water slide from is made out of metal. In several places on the tower the metal has rusted out and has huge gaping holes. Their solution to this..... cover them with boards. There isn't any person at the top monitoring how many people go down at once or to space them as they go. It is a big free for all. My kids have found that 5 is the limit at one time otherwise they crash into the wall at the bottom when they slide into the pool. This ride causes most of the bruising they come home with.

Octopus Ride. This is the one that you sit in and has the arms like tentacles that spin around. Anyway, one of the arms will come around with people in it and take your head off if you don't duck. You must go with someone who has been before so that you know exactly when to duck. SCARY!

Bumper Cars. The ride lasts for about 15 minutes and for the first 10 the cars are at a very slow speed. The last 5 for some odd reason are super charged. Only a few cars have straps to hold you in, but they actually go around your NECK. So, if you don't want to be choked to death, you pick the ones with no strap. The only issue with this is that if you get hit or hit someone hard enough you can be or you can launch someone straight out of the car. If you manage to stay in the car, you will have whiplash when finished. The only alternative is to pick the 4 cars that don't work at all and sit in them and pretend you are moving around. (people actually do this and have fun)

PlayScape. This is like the ones they have at McDonald's and Chuckie Cheese. You have to be at least 11 to go in and play, but there is only one draw back. As you are crawling through the tunnels or going down the slides you have to watch out for the puddles of urine:( not sure why this is since you have to be 11, but such is the case.

Pirate Ship. You all know this one. Here the guy who operates it will only stop it when someone pukes or screams bloody murder to stop. He then may or may not stop it depending on how he feels that day. The bars that are supposed to go across your lap and keep you from falling out as it rocks sometimes pop up. You have to be really brave to sit at the very back and make sure you hold on tight.

This whole park is on about 3 acres and that includes parking! No OSHA here. So that concludes the man made entertainment for Uganda. Makes you want to book your tickets right now to come and experience it, doesn't it!


Brandi said...

Is it weird that I completely want to come visit? Hey, now that I know you have a fast food type restaurant with a playplace, I'm in!

I had a friend move to Uganda to work at Rafiki this week, went to see Watoto Children's Choir and just finished "Red Letters", so Uganda's been on my heart all weekend! Praying for your family and your ministry. I'd love to hear more about what you guys are doing on a daily basis!

PS We had to wait 2 1/2 weeks, but then got 3 posts in ONE day! Yeah!

steffany said...

That is so crazy! Maybe bk(before kids) I would have actually thought "I want to do that". So what have you rode on?