Sunday, February 17, 2008

Birthing update

After my last posting about the birthing conditions here in Uganda I had several people ask me what could be done to help these women. I am in the process of putting together some birthing kits (plastic, razor blades, gloves and string) to deliver in the remote villages for the women to use. If anyone wants to contribute financially to that project it would be great. I have purchased the materials for the kits and will let you know how many I am able to put together with the materials that I have. I will have updates for you once that is done.

Many of you have expressed the desire for me to do more blogging. I am only able to do it as we have power, internet connection and enough bandwith to post. I will do my best to stay on top of it though. I really enjoy your comments so keep them coming.

An update on our main project on our property in Nakasongola. We have a team put together with people here and have been in planning sessions. We have a great core of people who have linked arms with us to accomplish our goal for orphans in Uganda. I will be posting pictures of the team members so you can put faces with the names. We are excited to start the first planting on the property in the next few weeks with the end goal of our first harvest in 3 months so that we have seed to plant the next stage and the experience under our belt to go forward with the farming. In the meantime the team is meeting 2x's a week to strategise, define goals, write cirriculum etc... It's really exciting to see things progressing so well.


Brandi said...

Can you tell us how much it is per kit? Also, did you say there is an organization that does just this? I was thinking about going to OBGYNs here in the area to see if they would donate the funds for one kit for every delivery they assist in.


steffany said...

Great idea. I think it would help to know how much each on cost. So when I talk to people about I can tell them.
How exciting.