Friday, February 29, 2008

Update of OCF Project

I had promised an update on our project in Nakasongola. So here it is............

We have put together a team of Ugandans and other ex-pats to start the process of creating a master plan for what the orphans and vulnerable children here in Uganda need.

Since we have lived here we have had the opportunity to do a lot of research on the orphan dilemma (I sent out a paper we wrote about that via email a few months ago. If you would like a copy please let me know and I can send it off to you)
What we have found is that there is a huge whole or gap in the children that are 14-18 years old. So many are on their own, living on the streets and on the verge of being sent out of the orphanages they are living in to try and take care of themselves with absolutely no tools to succeed. Most have not completed school and never will. Others maybe have but will not be able to attend higher learning to be able to get a job that pays enough to live. The main University is called the Harvard of East Africa, and they have approximately 7,000 masters and 20,000 bachelors that graduate every year and can't find jobs. Our friend has a man who drives his car for him and he has his masters in finance.
So, with that in mind we have decided to start our orphan project with teenage boys. It will be a 3 year curriculum in reading, writing, math, character development, business and vocational training. Our goal at the end of the 3 year program is to have every boy able to start and run his own business or we will be able guarantee him a job in his vocation that he has been trained in.

So, that is an overview of where we are starting and what it will look like in a broader sense.
With that in mind, we are meeting with the core team 2x's a week to develop the farm plan, school and curriculum for the project. It has been very exciting to see how things are unfolding. We hope to have our first group of boys start with us next year.
While that is happening we are plugging away with the day to day running of the NGO, life and all that entails here in Africa. We are still waiting on out NGO renewal paperwork and work visas (both for the past 7 months) It is a constant battle to get the paperwork completed. David is in town every week at the offices trying to get the things done. TIA! We have to just smile and take a deep breath.
On a different note, we have finally felt like we are "home" now here in Uganda. It takes awhile to get settled in. We still have our struggles an disappointments at times, but all in all everyone is happy and doing well. Below I have put a list of things together that we would very much like you all to keep in your prayers for us. You all are such a blessing and we appreciate you prayers, financial support, letters and emails and the occasional phone call and care packages. My mom gets the award on that last one. Every time a box comes it feels like Christmas!


Monthly living and operating expenses
A vehicle ( our borrowed one ends in April)
Plane Tickets to come home this summer
Work visa fees
Medical bills
Clearing fees for our container
New laptop
Jesse's school tuition
Remainder of land paid off

Things wrapped up:

Work Visas completed
NGO renewal completed
Land title's completed


The master plan for the orphanage
Dealing with people on a day to day basis
Title work on land completed

Thank you all so much for keeping these things in your prayers.


Brandi said...

That is SO exciting!! I know it's easy and adorable for people to work with little ones. . .choosing to work with teens is not as "sexy" (you know what i mean!) and So every important! What a WONDERFUL ministry opportunity! I can't wait to keep hearing more!

I'd also love to get that paper emailed to me!


jeff & katie said...

Dear Jamie,
My name is Katie and my husband and I have a heart for Uganda as well! We first visited Uganda in 2003. I would love to chat with you about your life in Uganda and other things. I am also an adoptive mom to 2 Liberian children and found you through Brandi's blog! I would also love to recieve the paper on your research!
Hope to hear from ya!
Katie B.