Friday, August 8, 2008

Funny Story

Something that us Ex-Pats do when we get together to keep our sanity is tell stories about what has happened to us over the week. It helps us to know that we aren't the only ones in Uganda going through tough experiences. Sometimes they are bad stories, sometimes sad and almost always someone has a funny one. Well, this past week I thought that this story won the prize for being the funniest and thought I would pass it along...........

An NGO that has an office here sent some of their team members to the village to do AIDS awareness, safe sex and family planning teachings. They had finished their talk on the importance of safe sex not only to avoid sexually transmitted diseases, but also to reduce the number of pregnancies or to space their children better. Uganda by the way has the highest birth rate in the world at an average of 7.4 children per woman.
Anyway, at the end of their talk they wanted to show the people how to use condoms properly. So, they took out carrots and placed the condoms on the carrots so they could see how to do it and also practice it.
They distributed the condoms and left the village to return in a few months to see how things were going.
Upon their return a couple of months later the people were so excited to show the team that they had been practicing family planning and safe sex. As they were led to the peoples homes they noticed carrots in the yards with condoms placed on them. The people were beaming with joy to show the team that they were properly using the condoms just as they had been taught!

Can you imagine??? There are no words.


jena said...

Oh, I would really love to see that in person!

Crystal said...

Very funny!!! Got anymore good stories?

Kathy said...

Only in Africa! While I was In Uganda I was told a family planning story by a nurse. Not as funny as yours, but just as ineffective! Several months after teaching women about family planning through use of birth control pills, several very pregnant women were upset with the nurse for prescribing something that obviously didn't work. Turns out they were inserting the pills vaginally, since, after all, that was where the action was!