Tuesday, September 23, 2008

We are alive!

Sorry for the long silence. It has been a crazy 2 months. We "shifted" as they call it here or moved houses. We found a great house with a fantastic "garden" or yard pretty close to our last place. This one is closer into town and a 5 minute walk from our friends. We have a 3 year lease, so we won't have to worry about moving again soon.
We have many updates that I will fill you in on later. For now a quick over view.
The school is back in session from their break. Our son Jesse is enrolled this semester so that is a relief for us to be able to get back into school.
David will be going to our farm soon to make introductions and have our farm manager see the property. That has been a long time coming and we are so excited to get started up there.
We are planning on coming home to the states for the holidays as I posted in an earlier blog. We are still collecting funds to buy the tickets as well as looking for a vehicle to use while we are back. If anyone has an extra car that seats 6 that they could lend us that would be great. Please let us know.
More later..........


kaufmanjm said...

We are glad to hear that all is well. We were starting to wonder if something was going on! It is exciting that so many people are coming to pick up children. We hope to be there soon. Janell & Justin Kaufman

Shauna said...

We are interested in a possibility of adoption in Uganda - we tried the numbers listed on the OCF site and neither of them worked - could you direct us on what to do? Thank you - I have enjoyed reading your blog!