Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bakka Village Crusade

Here is an update on our crusade that we held in the village over the weekend. Sorry no pictures as I took the battery out of the camera to charge it before we left, picked up the camera and forgot the battery. We did get some interesting video though:)

Part of our team arrived in the morning to set up the area for the meeting and the the rest of the team came later on in the afternoon. We started with 3 hours of music then we had the evangelist speak for about 30 minutes, we prayed for the sick watched the 2nd half of the 10 commandments movie with the evangelist narrating the dialogs in Lugandan and then prayed for salvations and other needs.

There were 11 first time dedications which were followed up by the local pastor, 8 instant healings, two demon possessed people manifesting and 1 witch doctor chanting and dancing around. It was quite a night. 4 of the instant healings were of children with malaria which the fever left instantly and no sign of any symptoms after prayer. The others were headaches, stomach aches and one with severe chest pains unable to breath.

The witch doctor was interesting to say the least. He came out during praise and worship with a suit on and animal skins strapped to his body. Had a pipe in his mouth, some kind of animal tail on a stick in one hand and then another stick in the other. He danced around waving the sticks and blowing smoke everywhere. He did this for 2 hours and then decided to give up and go home. Some of the natives were worried and scared and watched to see what we would do. We prayed and laughed under our breath as it was really quite ridiculous to watch. We serve the one true God!

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