Monday, May 19, 2008

Boda riding

Those of you that have been keeping up with my blog will remember me writing about the modes of transport here in Uganda. Well, the car that we have been blessed with that was on loan for the past 4 months is now in the shop getting repainted and fixed up for our friends that will be returning next week. We are so excited to have them back It has been too long!
Anyway, we are now back to public transportation which means smoking taxis, crazy Boda(motorcycle) drivers and walking. The walking is good except for when the Boda drivers see how close they can get to you or the taxi's run you off the road. I don't think I ever told you about the Boda's trying to see how close they can get to you. Anyway, they think it is funny to come up behind you and drive as close as they can possibly get (sometimes even hitting you) to you. I haven't quite figured out why they do it but I must confess that sometimes I think about stiff arming them or kicking the bike over as it goes by. WWJD? I struggle with that one:)
I am getting pretty good at riding on the back of the motorcycles with no foot pegs hanging my legs out. There is an art to doing it. If you hang them to far out to the side (mostly to avoiding dragging them or getting your leg burned by the exhaust pipe which I did on Friday and now have a large burn to prove it) you may get them hit by oncoming traffic or smashed between the cars that the Motorcycle is squeezing through. So, this week as I am riding trying to hold on, keeping my legs from dragging or getting burned or hit I was thinking how nice it is to experience the country on the back of a bike. It was really nice until I got cramps in my thighs and we were almost squished between a lory (large truck) and a Toyota Prado (landcruiser) We accelerated at the last minute to squeeze through them.
Never a dull moment!

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Wow, I just found your place. May God keep blessing you all for the good work you have been doing. Thanks a million. Ruben Dario Salazar