Wednesday, May 7, 2008

World Orphan Day

Today is World Orphan Day. It is a great time to reflect upon the orphan crisis all around the world. Uganda has 3.1 million orphans and the number is rising. Malaria is the #1 killer of the parents of these orphans and all children under the age of 5 killing more than 300 a day in Uganda alone.
We had one of the children in Bakka village die this past week. We had just seen him a few weeks ago and he was well. He spent several days in the hospital before he finally died. It is a very hard thing for us to see these children die, but for the people here it is their daily reality.


Brandi said...

Congrats to Baby Mary!!! Yeah!

Thanks for all you guys are doing to bring the love of Jesus to the orphans of Uganda. Today, on World Orphan Day, I will thank my Jesus for you!

PS I'd love a more detailed report on the birth kit distribution when you get a chance!

jena said...

I am so thrilled baby Mary has found a forever family! I am looking forward to many things when we are in Uganda. One of those things is loving on Mary! I can't wait!